7 Tips To Engage Your Target Audience Through Content

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According to research from Junta42, (a content marketing research company), content marketing represents over 33 percent of a company’s marketing budget. It is essential for content to adhere to the company’s goals while engaging the target market at the same time. However, writing engaging content is the biggest challenge for many marketers.

Here are the top 5 ways to improve your content:
1. Think community: In order for your audience to find you, you have to find them first. For example, engage in social media. Make it easier for your target market to find you by being where they are, when they need you.

2. Make it memorable: Write for a specific medium and become a storyteller. Your audience is more likely to remember something with a beginning, middle and end.

3. Creatively incorporate your brand: Think “big” about the way you present your brand. Instead of using just your logo, convey your brand through sounds and visual clues.

4. Synchronize messagess: Your content should be deliverable across the four main user devices: Computers, iPads/e-readers, cell phones and televisions. Make sure you have an understanding of the different user habits of each before you attempt to deliver through all of them.

5. Measure effectiveness: The most used measure to prove content effectiveness is website traffic. Make sure you monitor traffic and revise accordingly to improve your content. Other useful metrics include audience measured in terms of reach, improved brand metrics, interactions and sales.

What will you do to improve your content writing?

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