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The number of mobile web users is steadily increasing, as is the need for more accessible and simplified mobile web pages. Mobile users are on the go and need bits of information more quickly than the same users would if they were browsing from home. Search sites such as Yahoo! and Google see their users’ needs and have made changes to their mobile pages to accommodate them.

Google is addressing its search functions by introducing Search Options (new tools for searching various types of content posted within different time ranges) to mobile. ReadWriteWeb states, “[f]or many smartphone users in the U.S., search options will include the ability to pare down and filter results to get very specific, optimized pages. This will apply for owners of iPhones, Android devices, and Palm WebOS devices”.

While Google focuses on its search, Yahoo!’s approach to mobile is more about its homepage. “At once rich and simple, the new homepage is accessible by more than 1,900 different mobile devices, which Yahoo! says represents a 500 percent increase since the mobile site launched in April”, says ReadWriteWeb. Highlights include constantly updated content. The “Today” section displays ten of the leading stories from all over the Internet. Users are shown top news, business, entertainment, and sports content. Also, Yahoo!’s video integration allows for quick loading. Users can incorporate content from social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter through the Social Pulse feature.

How is mobile changing the way you design your website?

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