YouTube Launches Auto-Captions

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Last week we discussed the many changes on the horizon for YouTube. It seems that they are making these changes rapidly, as they announced yesterday that they would be rolling out auto-captions to all of their videos. YouTube writes, “auto-captioning combines some of the speech-to-text algorithms found in Google’s Voice Search to automatically generate video captions when requested by a viewer. The video owner can also download the auto-generated captions, improve them, and upload the new version. Viewers can even choose an option to translate those captions into any one of 50 different languages — all in just a couple of clicks”.
While auto-captioning is not fully functional at the time, here are the things YouTube wants you to know:

Currently, auto-captioning is only for videos where English is spoken.

Auto-captions aren’t perfect and just like any other transcription, the owner of the video needs to check to make sure they’re accurate. In other cases, the audio file may not be good enough to generate auto-captions. YouTube does say that advances in their technology in the future will make this better, though.

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