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Google Analytics Consulting and Support

Google Analytics is a powerful and comprehensive tracking tool that provides website performance information, allowing you to understand the impact of website modifications through date comparisons, trends analysis and a multitude of comprehensive reports.


Key Features:

  • Increase website conversion rates
  • Optimize paid search campaigns
  • Streamline the key paths to sales
  • Track and analyze online revenue
  • Improve website navigation and usability
  • Maximize website traffic and optimization

Google Analytics Services:

Keyword/Campaign Comparison

Tracking and comparing all of your online marketing initiatives in one place promotes online marketing efficiency. We can integrate your efforts on search engines, publication websites, and display advertising using comprehensive reporting methods.

Custom Dashboard Setup

Choosing your desired metrics helps capture an informative snapshot of your campaign. Viewing data on your custom dashboard can help you align your business objectives.

Keyword Analysis

Learn which keywords are performing for your business from our detailed analysis. We spend a great deal of time selecting keywords that best reflect your industry, market, and target audience.

Trend Analysis

Historical data using date range comparisons provides for realistic, long-term business projections. Our main goal in providing trend information is to improve the way your users see and use your website.

E-Commerce Tracking

Providing transactional customer data allows you to analyze your online business performance and streamline key paths to sales. Loyalty and latency can also be recorded to ensure that your revenue streams are maximized.

Customized and Ad-hoc Reporting

Situational reporting provides specific information that you want for a specific event, promotion, etc. We’ll track it for you and provide the metrics that you’re most interested in.


Focusing your budget on the most lucrative geographic market is in your best interest. Our techniques will serve your ads in the locations where your visitors are centered to ensure that you are receiving the most qualified traffic and delivering your marketing message.


Google offers free support online at the Google Analytics Help Center and Forum. You can search for possible solutions with these free resources. Click on the links below to reach these pages:

Customized Google Analytics Sessions

Our customized sessions can help your team resolve technical problems or customize Google Analytics. Sessions includes an internal diagnosis and  up to three one-hour conference calls with a Google Analytics experts. The conference calls can be used as a strategy, consulting or training session, depending on your needs.

  • Phone, Email, and Webinar Communication
    • Marcel Media uses a dedicated approach for Google Analytics services with direct communication for support and training.

  • Comprehensive Technical Solutions
    • The Marcel Media experts are prepared to answer your specific questions. Our goal is to make Google Analytics the most effective tracking tool for you and your business.

Session Costs

For information about session pricing, please call 312-255-8044 or email us at analytics@marcelmedia.com

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