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A Crain's Special Report:  - Where does small business fit into Chicago?

Entrepreneurs love to dream; they are visionaries who can imagine their ideas blossoming into multinational business empires. They also love to complain; they are acutely aware of each external factor standing between their actual businesses and the ones they envision. [Read more.]


Small biz is touted as a job-growth engine - So are entrepreneurs ready to hire again?

The economy might be thawing. Although U.S. unemployment continues to hover around 10% and many entrepreneurs are still focused on — and worried about — keeping their doors open, new jobs numbers have slowly been improving nationwide, and some area small businesses report that their customers are beginning to return, and to spend. [Read more.]


Q&A: EO chief on networking (both online and real-world)

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a 7,300-member group of business owners, recently named Kelly Cutler president of its Chicago chapter. Ms. Cutler, CEO of Chicago interactive marketing firm Marcel Media with 2009 revenues of $4 million, is the first woman to lead the local EO chapter. (The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is headquartered in Alexandria, Va.) [Read more.]


Kelly Cutler Named President of Chicago's EO

Kelly Cutler, Co-Founder and CEO of Marcel Media, has been named the first female President-elect of the Chicago Chapter of the Entrepreneurs' Organization. [Read more.]


Helping Search Engines Find You More Quickly

Marcel Media CEO, Kelly Cutler, speaks about how healthcare organizations can leverage search engines to increase visibility online and generate more leads for doctors and healthcare professionals. [Read more.]


Google Oils Engine With Semantic Search

Marcel Media CEO, Kelly Cutler, gives insight on Google's semantic search feature. [Read more.]


Small Biz America: SEO Best Practices

Kelly Cutler, Co-Founder and CEO of Marcel Media is featured on Small Biz America Radio on the best practices of SEO and an in-depth analysis of how to transition to an optimized website. [Listen here.]


Macon Phillips: The Man Behind WhiteHouse.gov

Kelly Cutler, Marcel Media CEO, is quoted in this feature, discussing President Barack Obama's new media director as he addresses both transparency, technology in office. [Read more.]


Execs & Accounts: Euro RSCG 4G Impact, Microsoft, Pontiflex

Clickz.com features Marcel Media's expansion and client wins in the article [Read more.]


Recruiting 2.0

Entrepreneur magazine features, Ben Swartz, Co-founder and President of Marcel Media in this article explaining how entrepreneurs are using social networking, blogging and other internet tools to hire the best employees. [Read more.]


Getting Employees To Embrace New Technology

Ben Swartz, Co-founder and President of Marcel Media focuses on the best practices in implementing new technology and systems in your business. [Read more.]


Legalisms Stifle Icahn

Marcel Media CEO, Kelly Cutler provides her advice in The Chicago Tribune article discussing how Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor, should position his blog to increase a better flowing dialogue with users. [Read more.]


Sears.com Broadens Its Product Offerings

Kelly Cutler is quoted in the Chicago Tribune article, providing her expertise on how companies such as Sears can maximize their online search engine marketing strategy. [Read more.]


SEO for Blogs: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Kelly Cutler, CEO of Marcel Media gives insight on how blogs can be effective tools for raising the profile of your product or service. [Read more.]


Managing Tech for Non Techies

Kelly Cutler, CEO of Marcel Media shares her approach on how to run tech companies when they aren't technology engineers. [Read more.]


Sell Through A Slump

Marcel Media's CEO, Kelly Cutler speaks about an online marketing strategy for clients Ryland homes and home improvement company Aeroshade. [Read more.]


Toolbox: Getting Results From Trades, Social Media Tips And More

The question, "How do I use social media to boost my traditional campaign?" is addressed by Kelly Cutler, CEO of Marcel Media. [Read more.]


Nabbing New Recruits

Marcel Media's CEO, Kelly Cutler discusses how her team utilized Web 2.0 strategies to increase visibility for University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, Summer Program. [Read more.]


Toolbox: Leveraging Social Media, And Online Coupon Strategies

Kelly Cutler, CEO of Marcel Media, gives her opinion on increased likeability and fresh content as market­ing pluses of social media. [Read more.]

10 Local Entrepreneurs To Share Their Resolutions For A More Profitable And More Productive New Year

It's January. Time to think big. Crain's Chicago Business magazine asked Kelly Cutler, Marcel Media CEO about her business resolution for 2008. [Read more.]


Improve Your E-Commerce Customer Service

Whether you are just starting out, or concerned that your e-commerce strategy, Kelly Cutler, Marcel Media CEO, provides a few tips for creating a successful e-comm roadmap. [Read more.]


Business Certificate Programs Can Provide Career Boost

Marcel Media's CEO, Kelly Cutler, speaks about Business Certificate Programs in regards to obtaining skills and contacts without the MBA price tag or time commitment. [Read more.]


Recruiting Employees 2.0

Marcel Media's CEO, Kelly Cutler, talks about finding the best employees using technology resources. [Read more.]


10 Things Customers Want In A Small-Business Website

Marcel Media's CEO, Kelly Cutler, discusses how small businesses can position their sites to cater to customer needs. [Read more.]


Crain's Chicago Business: It's Back-to-Reality Day

Marcel Media's Co-Founders Kelly Cutler and Ben Swartz speak about the transition from the summer to fall seasons and its influences on the tempo and company environment of most businesses. [Read more.]


Sometimes A One-Page Web Site Is All You Need

Kelly Cutler, CEO of Marcel Media speaks about single page business sites, suitable in industries where the product or service is easy to describe and the key content is the value proposition and contact information. [Read more.]


Yahoo! Unveils New Banner Ad Engine

Yahoo! has unveiled a new banner ad platform that allows marketers to target web users according to their online behavior, a talent typically reserved for text-based ad engines. [Read more.]


Lowes For Pros: Get The Word Out On The Web

Marcel Media's CEO Kelly Cutler provides some tips on ways to market your site effectively on the web and bring in more traffic. [Read more.]


7 Pages Every Business Website Needs

Marcel Media's CEO Kelly Cutler is quoted in the article about how most small-business sites are a work in progress—constantly being revised, improved, and updated, but some pages are so important that not having them could hurt the bottom line. [Read more.]