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Marcel Media is a Google Adwords Qualified Company, and the only Google Analytics Certified Partner in the greater Chicagoland area. Our experience with Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Mobile and Display advertising has placed us at the forefront of Chicago's most effective PPC advertising and paid search firms.

Our proprietary tools and technology are designed to drive return on investment for our clients, streamline labor intensive tasks across multiple engines and set advanced bid strategies. Our goal is to develop targeted campaigns that create an online presence for your brand that increase awareness, generate sales, and capture leads. As search engines continue to evolve over time, we will modify our marketing strategy to continue to drive qualified traffic to the site in order to meet and exceed conversion goals.

Paid Search Campaign Services Include:

  • Campaign Planning
  • Account Structure
  • Keyword Research
  • Bid Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Optimization & Testing
  • Custom Reporting
  • Mobile Search


How we can help you with your Paid Search campaigns:

Mobile Search Marketing

According to Google Mobile over 104M people browse the mobile web, over 60M use mobile applications. Make sure users can users view sponsored ads for your website when searching for the products and services you sell on the mobile web. Our mobile pay-per-click and click-to-call advertising solutions ensure that your brand is seen by potential customers browsing on the go. Our services include development and execution of Paid Search campaigns, as well as display advertising campaigns targeted to your mobile audience. Our full service website development team can create mobile sites, as well as mobile applications to reach your customers from the comfort of their PDA, iPhones and other mobile devices.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a key tool for interactive, online marketing. Our team will target and deliver highly qualified traffic to your website and branded landing pages. Our display advertising campaigns deliver brand exposure, website traffic and conversions. Whether your objective is to generate leads, sell product or create exposure for your brand, the team at Marcel Media can help you meet your goals with scalable and affordable monthly packages.

Research and Analysis

Research is a key component of your paid search campaign. The set-up involves gathering detailed industry insights, competitive analysis, and identifying campaign goals and objectives. You will have a dedicated account manager who will work with you to get a full understanding of your business, gather benchmark data to determine where the campaigns currently stand, and finalize campaign goals and KPI’s. Agreeing on goals and KPI’s early on is essential to ensuring that the campaign is set-up and tracked properly.

Automated Bid Management

This process ensures that your keyword bids are maximizing your return on investment (ROI). We have created a system of checks and balances that facilitates reporting and overall communication.

Strategic Campaign Planning

Utilizing the industry insight and competitive analysis data, your account team will create a tailored marketing strategy. If prior analytics or campaign data is available, the account team will analyze the previous results and utilize the learning’s. We believe that it is crucial to have an integrated marketing strategy as other online or offline efforts can leverage and influence each other. We will work with you to understand any other media or marketing initiatives in order to incorporate them into a finalized integrated strategic plan.

Ad Copywriting

Creative copy is the most important factor in encouraging consumers to click on your ad. We will work with you to understand your company’s core message and write compelling creative copy that is adjusted to your target market.

Campaign Execution

Your dedicated account team is responsible for all of the set-up and execution of the campaigns. We determine how the metrics will be tracked, and either integrate your existing analytics account or set up a new analytics account for you. We will upload the campaigns, set the daily budgets, and adjust the campaign settings. We utilize day-parting to adjust your campaigns to show more often at peak times. Utilizing geo-targeting we will target the ads to only show for a radius around the specific location of your business.

Optimization and Testing

Conversion tracking goes beyond looking at basic metrics like click through rate or cost per click. Campaign optimization is the essence of managing a successful multi-channel marketing approach. We will look at performance of all online marketing activity collectively to understand the lift one channel provides to another. We will monitor analytics data to refine campaign performance and gain a better understanding of how consumers are interacting with your website. When sufficient conversion data is obtained, we will utilize proprietary tools to improve the campaigns efficiency with ongoing optimization and testing. The account team will continue to provide ongoing analysis of the campaigns while researching new opportunities. We will also monitor external influences such as industry trends, influencing policies, and competitor activity and utilize this information to adjust the ongoing campaign strategy.

Tracking and Reporting

Measuring campaign results provides objective information on which to base important decisions. We will provide custom reporting with basic tracking metrics like impressions, clicks, cost per click, and click through rate as well as advanced analytics data such as time on site, conversions, ROI, and trends over time. Analytics provides an integrated approach to measurement that is important in understanding synergies between different online marketing initiatives. It also allows us to plot account-wide trending over time to aid us in testing and optimization decisions.

Display Advertising

Marcel Media connects our clients with their target audience using impactful banner placements on a large number of publisher sites. We create brand-building banner campaigns by optimizing and refining our targeting options by category and demographics.


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